Wednesday, July 06, 2005

The fireworks have finally fizzled!

Well well well...

I really have nothing exciting to report... I think my purpose of this blog was to reveal the way gay men in general behave. It's not meant to embarass anyone I may be seeing or who is involved with me in my life. Nor is it the sole purpose to show that I am a slut or get around a lot... I truly believe you have to date to mate and that doen't necessarily make you a slut or a whore, just because you talk or go out doesn't mean your sleeping with them.

On to what is going on with me...

Hot Ad Exec boy - have spoken to him on the phone several times but haven't seen him since Friday. I think he and I will be friends but am not anticipating anything coming of our friendship/acquaintance.

Teacher boy - We haven't spoken since I called to wish him Happy Birthday on Sunday. I am pretty clear that that relationship is over - we may be friends/casual acquaintances if we run into each other out and about but will make little effort to keep in contact otherwise.

Cute Hotel Boy - well I am unhappy to report that I haven't talked to him in two days... In all honesty I think he may have read my blog here and saw something he didn't like - thats unfortunate because I really liked talking to him and think he could have been special.

I have someone else to write about here which hopefully soon I can but for now he has asked me to leave him out completely - not even comfortable with a nickname... :-(

Outside of my dating life... I have two days off of both jobs and school and I am going to relax - have coffee and catch up with friends and just do what I want... Back to the grind on Friday!

My best girlfriend Liza is out of town until monday, boo hoo, with her family... I'm going to miss her - we work together and I have a hard time when shes not there - shes good to laugh with and cut the stress!

Randy is doing well - working and working like we always are... Got him a new bike for our cycling trips we have been taking! He's very excited!

I am getting a new dog... I am so excited... I think he will be a man magnet at the coffee shop... You can see him at - hopefully I wil have him within the next few weeks!

****** Notes to remember ******

- It's unfortunate that you meet someone who is a great person and cannot even salvage a decent friendship if you can't execute a relationship. Can't some people just be friends?

- If you can't tell a guy likes you and you have to ask him he probably is not that into you! Guys should show you how they feel without you have to ask - even manly men want to show affection towards someone they genuinely like!

Monday, July 04, 2005

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Oh the stormy nights of summer...

Sunday at the Wranger started with stormy skies and ended with my stormy attitude!

I have very little to report on the ex/potential dating situation from last night. Yesterday was little teacher boy's birthday so I sent him birthday wishes, that went ok... I'm pretty sure I am done with that relationship/friendship at this point. My new hot ad exec called and was suppose to meet Rand and I out, but he never showed... No love lost there. Didn't meet anyone new last night but I wasn't really looking - I need a break. Been talking to a new boy for a few days - we'll call him hotel boy. We haven't met each other yet - we have been talking online and on the phone - a friend of mine introduced us and things are going well so far... I'm hopeful.

I should probably note that I only date one person at a time and I am not dating any of these people currently.

I met a new friend a few months back - Fort Collins Boy - who recently moved down to Denver form his cow town. He seems to be nice enough but kind of flaky. Occasionally he hangs out with me and my friends. He just happened to call last night and meet us out at the Wrangler. The whole time he is at the Wrangler all he is does is complain because he doesn't like the crowd that goes there. Gets rather annoying.

Towards the end of the night we were standing in a group of new people - where we often find ourselves after a few too many cape cods. One of the guys in the group told my best friend he has a fat ass, which he is anything but fat, and then his friend tells me I look like a bumblebee, i was wearing a blue and yellow striped polo shirt. Well I flipped out and then stormed off. Hung out in the back room for a while and then Randy came along and I wanted to leave. It didn't help that my Fort Collins friend agreed and said I look like a bumblebee also.

Normally I am not a very senseitive person to what other people say about me but last night was different and it really bothered me. I held my own in the bar but I broke down in the car and cried. I have worked really hard to lose weight and after almost 2 years I have lost 175 pounds, down from 389 to 214. I by no means would consider myself to be fat or ugly, I wear a M/L shirt and a 36 in pants, but after all that work it hurts to hear something mean said to you about your appearance.

"C'est la vie."

Sunday, July 03, 2005

July brings fireworks sooner than I think...

June 30th brings my first night out since the incident with my teacher boy... Ah 1/2 price night at Charlie's... crazy drunkness in the middle of the week for less than $10.... is there anything better?

Once Randy and I arrive we make our usual rounds of the bar to cruise what is there and the place is suprisingly dead at the beginning of the night. That quickly changes but not before a hot young ad exec catches my eye. So we spend the rest of the night mingling with friends, with me playing cat and mouse with my new ad exec boy. After several hours, tired of the game, Randy takes the initiative to approach him. We meet the new ad exec, new in town, and we hit it off. Before the end of the night I give him my number and tell him to call me.

Oh shock, joy joy! He calls on the next day! I am working but he wants to get together so we agree to meet at my place around 10:30 pm when I get off work for a movie and a bottle of wine. He comes over and looks great... We never even turned on the tv or got to the movie - we sat on my couch and talked for 4 hours over 2 bottles of wine. To say that my ad exec boy was complex and I was real confused would be an understatement...

This still continues and we are still talking - who knows what is going to happen... Tonight we have plans for my Sunday beer bust at the wrangler - mix beer and heat and who knows what will happen! Also may run into my teacher boy from June - its his birthday and we frequent the same places... tonight could be good!

****Notes from this date******

- Have I mentioned I hate dating yet?
- Sometimes when you are getting to know the other person you need to let them talk and not talk about their experience in law enforcement the whole time.
- I do not care about your police stories and do not want to spend all night explaining why we do things the way we do!
- Do not ask for sexual services if you do not like the other person... it only makes one feel cheap to be asked to service the other party with no kind of recriprocation or affection in return!

Oh the dog days of summer... June

With June being Gay Pride month all the boys were out in full force here in Denver.

June left me with no doubt one of the weirdest dating relationships I have ever had. (Names have been changed to protect the guilty!) My best friend Randy and I have a weekly ritual for outings with one another since we both work so hard... Thursday nights at Charlie's and Sunday afternoons at the Denver Wrangler for the beer bust. Several months ago Randy and I met a group of four friends in the backroom of the Wrangler and we ended up picking one for each of us. While that night just turned into some making out with the hot bois we remained casual friends speaking at the bar. As time progressed one of the other boys in the group and I starting paying more attention to one another talking outside the bar. After several weeks I took matters into my own hands and ask him out to which he quickly said yes.

Over the next several weeks we talked daily and went on several dates. Finally the weekend we wait all year for arrives, Gay Pride. We have lots of plans... Babylon @ Tracks on Friday, shopping and bar-b-ques on Saturday, Pride Parade and the Wrangler on Sunday, and Gay Day at Six Flag Elitch Garden's on Monday. My new boy and I have it all planned out with our friends. After several weeks of dating my new boy tells Randy he wants me to be his offical boyfriend while at Babylon on Friday, so I ask him to be my boyfriend and to be in a relationship with me, after all now I know thats what he wants and I like him that much also.

Things are going wonderful, we have a great weekend and we couldn't be happier together, or so we think. When Monday rolls around we go to Six Flags and are having a wonderful time when his flighty gay friend shows up to hang out with us. The day was over from there. He ignored me once his friend from the friendly skies showed up and the tension continued to grow as everyone in our group saw something was wrong. After winding the day down it was time for a heart to heart. Apparently the relationship he wanted on Friday he no longer wanted on Monday. What?! He asked for it, I gave it to him, I showed him the weekend of his life paying for everything, he didnt have to ask for a thing and now he was done with me???

Needless to say I really liked my new teacher boy and he had just used me and kicked me aside when he was done. Ofcourse we had the "I just want to be friends talk..." but anyone who has ever had that converstaion knows its CRAP! You want to be friends - an easy statement to make to someone whom you just used and hurt... What makes you think I want to be friends? And am I really suppose to be your friends knowing that everytime I see you I will know I had/have feelings for you and want you?

I spent a few days upset over the situation and then dusted myself off, bought some new clothes, and back on the market I went. Someone call the realtor, this real estate is back on the market!


It seems fitting that to start my blog I give you a little background about myself and what has led me to write a blog about gay dating...

As stated previously I am a 28 year old gay man living in Denver, Colorado and currently very very single. They call Denver "Little San Fran" because of the large gay population here. One would think that a large gay population would making dating and mating that much easier... Those people would be wrong!

I have been in what I would consider 3 quality long term relationships. I was with Keith from 1995 to 1997, Ray from 1999 to 2003, and Michael 2004 to 2005. Ofcourse there have been various other relationships lasting shorter periods of time, but these three relationships simply helped to build the foundation of what kind of relationships I am and sometimes am not looking for today.

When dating and going through a "situation" it can sometimes be funny and other times very painful. I hope that you find the humor and irony in my life and can appreciate these experiences the way I do.

I am going to start creating posts that go back about a month and catch you all up to speed about what is going on today and then I will update my blog several times a week as I go on dates. Many of my posts will include phone calls, outings, and various other situations that include my best friend Randy, he is a wonderful friend that has been in my life for over a decade and boy do the two of us get ourselves in a lot of trouble.

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