Sunday, July 03, 2005

July brings fireworks sooner than I think...

June 30th brings my first night out since the incident with my teacher boy... Ah 1/2 price night at Charlie's... crazy drunkness in the middle of the week for less than $10.... is there anything better?

Once Randy and I arrive we make our usual rounds of the bar to cruise what is there and the place is suprisingly dead at the beginning of the night. That quickly changes but not before a hot young ad exec catches my eye. So we spend the rest of the night mingling with friends, with me playing cat and mouse with my new ad exec boy. After several hours, tired of the game, Randy takes the initiative to approach him. We meet the new ad exec, new in town, and we hit it off. Before the end of the night I give him my number and tell him to call me.

Oh shock, joy joy! He calls on the next day! I am working but he wants to get together so we agree to meet at my place around 10:30 pm when I get off work for a movie and a bottle of wine. He comes over and looks great... We never even turned on the tv or got to the movie - we sat on my couch and talked for 4 hours over 2 bottles of wine. To say that my ad exec boy was complex and I was real confused would be an understatement...

This still continues and we are still talking - who knows what is going to happen... Tonight we have plans for my Sunday beer bust at the wrangler - mix beer and heat and who knows what will happen! Also may run into my teacher boy from June - its his birthday and we frequent the same places... tonight could be good!

****Notes from this date******

- Have I mentioned I hate dating yet?
- Sometimes when you are getting to know the other person you need to let them talk and not talk about their experience in law enforcement the whole time.
- I do not care about your police stories and do not want to spend all night explaining why we do things the way we do!
- Do not ask for sexual services if you do not like the other person... it only makes one feel cheap to be asked to service the other party with no kind of recriprocation or affection in return!