Monday, July 04, 2005

Oh the stormy nights of summer...

Sunday at the Wranger started with stormy skies and ended with my stormy attitude!

I have very little to report on the ex/potential dating situation from last night. Yesterday was little teacher boy's birthday so I sent him birthday wishes, that went ok... I'm pretty sure I am done with that relationship/friendship at this point. My new hot ad exec called and was suppose to meet Rand and I out, but he never showed... No love lost there. Didn't meet anyone new last night but I wasn't really looking - I need a break. Been talking to a new boy for a few days - we'll call him hotel boy. We haven't met each other yet - we have been talking online and on the phone - a friend of mine introduced us and things are going well so far... I'm hopeful.

I should probably note that I only date one person at a time and I am not dating any of these people currently.

I met a new friend a few months back - Fort Collins Boy - who recently moved down to Denver form his cow town. He seems to be nice enough but kind of flaky. Occasionally he hangs out with me and my friends. He just happened to call last night and meet us out at the Wrangler. The whole time he is at the Wrangler all he is does is complain because he doesn't like the crowd that goes there. Gets rather annoying.

Towards the end of the night we were standing in a group of new people - where we often find ourselves after a few too many cape cods. One of the guys in the group told my best friend he has a fat ass, which he is anything but fat, and then his friend tells me I look like a bumblebee, i was wearing a blue and yellow striped polo shirt. Well I flipped out and then stormed off. Hung out in the back room for a while and then Randy came along and I wanted to leave. It didn't help that my Fort Collins friend agreed and said I look like a bumblebee also.

Normally I am not a very senseitive person to what other people say about me but last night was different and it really bothered me. I held my own in the bar but I broke down in the car and cried. I have worked really hard to lose weight and after almost 2 years I have lost 175 pounds, down from 389 to 214. I by no means would consider myself to be fat or ugly, I wear a M/L shirt and a 36 in pants, but after all that work it hurts to hear something mean said to you about your appearance.

"C'est la vie."